Dark money spending in 2014 set to eclipse all previous levels

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David Koch, executive vice president of Koch Industries, attends an Economic Club of New York event in New York, December 10, 2012.  REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS) - RTR3BFKF

David Koch

By late August, dark-money groups had spent more than $50 million on the 2014 election.

This was a new record and seven times the amount of dark money spent by the same point on House and Senate elections in 2010. And this week, dark-money spending for the 2014 cycle reached $63 million—just shy of the $69 million in dark money spent during the entire 2008 presidential election.

Chart showing dark money spending so far in 2014

But that’s just the beginning. The Center for Responsive Politics estimates, based on the rate of spending from previous cycles, the final total in dark money spent for 2014 will be between $730 million and nearly $1 billion. Now this is the really remarkable chart.

Chart showing projected dark money spending for 2014

The really big spenders are casino magnate Sheldon Adelson—who is on track to spend $100 million this cycle with much of it going to dark money groups—and of course the Kochs who have set a goal of $290 million for the cycle. As for the groups aligned with Democrats? So far they’ve spent about $14 million. So yeah, both sides do it, but not quite at the same level.

For all that money—one in every 10 ads on the TV from January 1, 2013, to August 31, 2014, was bought by the Kochs—it’s not working yet for them. There’s little question that it sucks for the electoral process—for finding qualified candidates who are excited at the possibility of doing public service, for having an even playing field, for letting numerous voices be heard—but it’s so far not looking like the Kochs will be able to bamboozle the voting public into handing over another chamber of Congress.

Kansas Democrat asks court to require new U.S. Senate candidate

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Senate Select Commmittee Chaiman speaks during the CIA confirmation hearing of Hayden in WashingtonBy Kevin Murphy KANSAS CITY Kan. (Reuters) – A Kansas Democrat has asked the state Supreme Court to order his party to name a new U.S. Senate candidate for the November election after the court ruled the name of a county prosecutor who withdrew must be removed from the ballot. Chad Taylor's withdrawal is seen as boosting the candidacy of independent Greg Orman, who is trying to unseat Republican U.S. Senator Pat Roberts in a nationally watched race that could help decide which party controls the chamber. Republicans seeking to take control of the U.S. …

Wisconsin governor candidate cuts ties with consultant over jobs plan

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By Brendan O’Brien MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke severed ties with a political consultant after he used similar language in her jobs plan as he did in economic plans he drafted for other clients, Burke’s campaign said on Friday. Burke’s spokesman, Joe Zepecki, said the campaign ended its relationship on Thursday with Eric Schnurer of Public Works, a Pennsylvania-based consulting firm, after he used about 10 passages from the past plans he drafted for former clients in Burke’s “Invest for Success,” a 40-page jobs plan. …

Kobach Reverses Course on Kansas Senate Ballots

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The Secretary of State has directed county election officials to start mailing ballots to voters overseas without having a Democratic nominee listed.

Obama: D.C. Is ‘The Capital of Cynicism’

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“Don’t let anyone tell you that working and organizing and voting for the values that built this country isn’t worth it,” he said.

Former Connecticut Governor Rowland found guilty of campaign law violations

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CONNECTICUT GOVERNOR ROWLAND MAKES RESIGNATION SPEECH.By Richard Weizel NEW HAVEN Conn. (Reuters) – Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland violated U.S. election laws by taking under-the-table payments from a business owned by the husband of a candidate whose campaign he secretly advised, a federal jury found on Friday. Rowland, a Republican who resigned from office a decade ago after admitting to taking gifts from people who did business with the state, was found guilty of seven criminal counts including two of falsifying records in a federal investigation. …

Bridge Scandal May Be Least of Christie’s 2016 Worries

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With a spate of tough economic news and polling showing him flagging among conservatives, talk of a Christie “comeback” may be premature.

Worst secretary of state in the nation hits a federal bump in the road in Kansas

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach head shot

Goal Thermometer

It’s been a bad week for Kansas’s Kris Kobach—worst secretary of state in the nation.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled against him and ordered Democrat Chad Taylor off the ballot in the U.S. Senate race.

Now he’s announced that overseas military ballots, which were supposed to go out on September 20, wouldn’t be sent until September 27. Unfortunately for him, delaying those ballots requires federal approval, which he apparently doesn’t have:

To get a waiver, Kobach must submit his case to the Defense Department’s Federal Voter Assistance Program, which oversees enforcement of the MOVE Act. The FVAP office is then required under the law to consult with the Justice Department’s Voting Section before approving it.

As of early Friday afternoon, the FVAP office told TPM that it had not received a waiver from Kansas or been consulted by Kobach’s office about a waiver.

Finally, there’s this:

KAN SoS office says 67 ballots with Chad Taylor’s name on them were sent to overseas voters.  ”Corrective action has already been taken.”

No word yet on how those ballots were accidentally sent, especially given the high-profile case was being decided on the very day they were sent. And no word on what “corrective action” has been taken.

The clock’s ticking, Kobach. And so is your time in office.

Can you contribute $5 to help elect Jean Schodorf and send the worst secretary of state in the nation to the unemployment line?

If you are in Kansas, check out the Daily Kos Community Meet-up + Voter Outreach & Registration taking place Sunday, September 21.

1:21 PM PT: Apparently Kris Kobach has decided to abide by federal law after all:

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Kansas elections official reverses course, ballots will go out without Democrat in Senate race.

Midday open thread: Candidate’s racial slurs catch up with him, leading economic indicators rise

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  • Racial slurs and public mooning toppled N.J. borough council candidate:

    Joe Sorrentino, in a statement released Wednesday by his Democratic ticket, said he made a “stupid mistake” seven years ago, but learned from it. Local Republicans released police reports Wednesday detailing two separate incidents at the Sherbans Diner. [...]

    In 2007, police went to the Sherbans Diner to investigate a report that several men were acting disorderly — one of the men had allegedly mooned a woman and her daughter, and used a sexist epithet to describe them. The officer arrived to find Sorrentino with his pants down, yelling the N-word through the diner window, according to the police report.

  • Military v. climate spending in U.S. and China. What do they know that we don’t? http://t.co/…

  • Yep. The Scots voted to stay in the union: But some people are not happy and can’t figure out what happened. An 18-year-old Glasgow student said it: “I’m a little bit angry. I’m on Facebook and everyone was voting yes. I don’t understand how it’s no,” she said. Maybe because “Likes” aren’t ballots? It would wondrous indeed if we could figure how to get a 90 percent voter turnout the way the Scots did.
  • Oops. A goal and a painful victory leap.
  • Anti-semitic white supremacist running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky: The write-in candidate, Robert Ransdell, doesn’t soft-pedal his bigotry. His campaign signs read “With Jews You Lose.” He is the Cincinnati coordinator of the National Alliance a white supremacist group operating in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. In a post on a white supremacist website, he wrote:

    “I am absolutely chomping at the bit going forward with my campaign, only about a month until I am on the air, mainstream radio, primed to start a legitimate ‘conversation’ about race, as in a racially conscious White man letting loose on the problems we face, that so many of our people are beginning to wake up to,” he wrote.

  • Leading Economic Index rises 0.2 percent in August: The increase follows on a rise of 1.1 percent in July. The Conference Board, which issues the LEI each month, uses a 10-item metric to derive its calculations. Among these are average weekly hours, average weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance, manufacturers’ new orders, building permits for new private housing units, stock prices, the
    interest rate spread, and average consumer expectations for business conditions.

    “The leading indicators point to an economy that is continuing to gain traction, but most likely won’t repeat its stellar second quarter performance in the second half,” said Ken Goldstein, Economist at The Conference Board. “Meanwhile, the CEI, a measure of current economic activity, continued to expand through August, amid improving personal income, employment and retail sales. However, industrial production registered a slight decrease for the first time in seven months.”

  • Iranians who made “Happiness in Tehran” video sentenced to 91 lashes:

    According to a report from the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the group was found guilty of “participation in the making of a vulgar clip” and “illegitimate relations between members.” Five of the participants were handed six-month suspended jail sentences, while the director reportedly received a one-year suspended prison term. Each group member was sentenced to 91 lashes.

    Here is the video.

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  • Don Lemon has stepped in it yet again. This time he has equated disciplining children withdisciplining his dog: “You have to teach who’s in control. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fear or what have you, I’m saying this, because it stops you from doing it,” he added. And then he threw in some slavery mentions for good measure. Please, CNN, stop letting this man have a platform. Team Blackness also discussed how much a woman’s virginity is worth, the charitable natures of millenials, and Miss America versus conservatives.

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  • On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: The microbead mess. Open carry moves to schools. Protester? Armed maniac? Wait for shooting. Shifting away from assault weapon bans. Can Congressional inaction bolster executive power? Stoller gives us stuff to think about, re: ISIS.

Biden: This Is Not Your Father’s Republican Party

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Vice President Biden takes aim at Republicans at a Democratic women’s forum.