Midday Open Thread

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  • Both houses of Congress have re-introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA).

    IVAWA will support innovative programs that challenge public attitudes and cultural practices that perpetuate and condone violence against women and girls…training for police and judicial officials on countering violence against women and respecting the rights of victims…long-term prevention efforts such as increasing women’s economic security, expanding access to jobs and education, and engaging men to change behaviors and attitudes.

    And believe it or not, it has bipartisan support. For now.

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Miley Cyrus’s 9-year-old sister is launching a line of lingerie for children.
  • Sarah Palin thinks calling people retarded is wrong, unless, of course, she’s the one doing it. Sure, it’s a case of Sarah versus Levi, but really, who has more credibility?
  • Michele Bachmann is still crazy.
  • Iowa Republicans have introduced legislation to exclude LGBT students from the 2007 Iowa Safe Schools Law that protects students from school bullies. Won’t someone please think of the children straight children?

    Meanwhile, Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), plans to introduce a federal safe schools bill that would include LGBT students. The bill already has 60 co-sponsors and support from the White House. Take that, Iowa Republicans.

  • The New York Times helps moms learn how to speak to their nannies.
  • Vanity Fair’s “New Hollywood” reminds us, once again, that beautiful means white, anorexic, and airbrushed.
  • You have not seen the last of Demon Sheep–or something even more horrendous. –Dante Atkins
  • This is weird: The world we know may be nothing other than a giant hologram. The Matrix may have us yet. –Dante Atkins
  • The California Republican Party is in shambles after the Chairman was accused of severely beating a “romantic partner” and then intimidating said partner into keeping quiet. In all fairness, I think he was just trying to preserve Bill O’Reilly’s longed-for white Christian male power structure. –Dante Atkins
  • The Hunger in America 2010 study, commissioned by Feeding America, reports that there has been a 46% increase in the number of Americans who receive food from food banks since the last report was released in 2006. That’s more than 37 million, or 1 in 8 Americans.

    This news follows on the heels of the latest government enrollment figures on food stamp recipients for January – over 37 million. –exmearden

  • Meanwhile, Goldman top execs are only getting million in stock bonuses this year. –exmearden

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