The Repeal Fizzle Continues

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Two more data points in the cooling effects of realty for even Republican Senators. First, via David Weigel, North Carolina’s Progressive Pulse has Sen. Richard Burr’s fast backtrack.

North Carolina’s senior senator now acknowledges there are some good things in the health care package that President Obama signed earlier this month.

Republican Senator Richard Burr tells North Carolina Policy Watch that he would rather “replace” parts of the bill or see a “a series of fixes” moving forward to further contain costs and improve care.

He’s joined by Tennessee Republican Bob Corker, who is sounding rather reality-based about the whole thing: “The fact is that’s not going to happen, OK?” Corker told dozens of people at Vanderbilt University.” (H/T Yglesias)

Meanwhile, in sort of related news and in good tradition, Oregon has become the first state to “take legal action to defend the constitutionality of the plan.”

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