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When I first heard this and saw the video I thought it was an April Fool’s prank:

In a recent hearing of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) seems to have expressed serious concern about the island of Guam capsizing because of increased U.S. military presence there.  The moment has become something of a YouTube sensation because of the absurd proposition of an island capsizing from overpopulation.

One possibility raised in comments on that linked post, Johnson has Hepatitis C. Side effects of that disease can sometimes include behavior that manifests itself something like a cross between mild dementia and alcohol intoxication.

  • My old friend and science “OB” (Original Blogga) Ed Brayton will speak today on MSNBC about the Hutaree Militia.
  • Carl Zimmer dissects the science behind a headline he’s sick of seeing in The Genome Syndrome.
  • Cassini finds a Pac-man image lurking in the infrared on Mimas, and nearby Iapetus appears splattered with dark layers perhaps from past collisions with moonlets or material from Saturn’s rings.

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