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After years of carrying an impressive ration of industry water, Bjorn Lomborg has done a 180 and now agrees with the long standing consensus of climate science. But unlike others who’ve finally made that long awaited appointment with reality, Lomborg has a less admirable motive:

The key phrase is “With his new book.” Lomborg is shilling a new book, and he knows he can’t keep running the same tired old story that fears about global warming are overblown. The contrarian needed to go reverse contrarian.

You now, at some point this unofficial amnesty for former deniers who have enabled untold future damage must end.

  • There’s million up for grabs for the person or organization with a plan to manage, retrain, and retask NASA employees laid off after the shuttle program ends.
  • The Worm in Your Brain: pure evolutionary biology and pure fun to read, from Carl Zimmer.
  • Stephen Hawking has kicked up quite a media frenzy and a twitter storm purportedly claiming that the universe no longer needs a creator.
  • If you knew calculus like Jennifer Oullette knows calculus, you’ll buy her book and never be afraid of calculus again. And for the record, I freaking love calculus!

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