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PZ Myers weighs in with this fun and fact-filled fisking of a rising star among creationist ignoramuses in the Republican Tea Party, in OK, where the stupid apparently comes sweeping down from the plains:

Using your tax dollars to teach the unknown, without disclosing the entire scientific findings is incomplete and unacceptable [OK, if we’re to teach the complete story, we’ll rightfully have to invest 179.99 days in teaching the scientific evidence, which all supports evolution, and 3 minutes on creationism on the last day. Fair’s fair]. For years liberals have decried how they want to give students both sides of an argument so they can decide for themselves [Both sides doesn’t imply a body of evidence is equal to a body of myth and superstition]  

  • Speaking of evolution, the hominin family tree (That’s us BTW, modern humans and close relatives) just got a lot bushier.
  • I’m happy the way things turned out last week. But let our democratic lawmakers never forget the lesson: when political opportunity presents itself, take it, because you may not get another chance, ever. With the House and WH, and a filibuster proof senate, dems could have passed anything they wanted. And nothing the GOP or Fox News said or did could have stopped it.  
  • A few days ago I posted a diary that touched on some of the insane DEA mission creep now compromising the medical treatment and comfort of millions of US patients. Here’s another ugly brick in that wall of shame. H/t John Cole who added:

    I’ve always been angry about this treatment of pain providers for a while, but my shoulder injury in January-March really brought the issue home. When you are in chronic, excruciating pain, anyone standing in between you and relief is just a monster.

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