This week in science: The dumb and the shameless

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Station record NASA GISS

Santorum’s NASA conspiracy incarnate. Who ya gonna believe?

Mitt Romney may have accepted the role humans are playing in global warming—before he was against it. But Tricky Rick Santorum has been priming the misinformation and character assassination industries consistently from the get go. Santorum, speaking at CPAC, demonstrates that, unlike Mittens, he may be sincerely clueless:

President Obama, you may remember, tried to pass cap-and-trade and tried to get control not only of the health care system but of the energy industry, the manufacturing industry, another two big sectors of this economy, and using this facade of man-made global warming. I stood up and fought against those things. Why? because they will destroy the very foundation of prosperity in our country.

These liberal NASA scentists managed to infiltrate right-wing think-tanks, covertly develop the Cap-n-Trade concept, and persuade Republicans to embrace it! Until Obama warmed to it, at which point it suddenly became an attack on the very foundation of prosperity in our country.

  • Space is beautiful and violent! But the proposed cuts in planetary science announced by the White House this week may end up postponing answers to the most important questions in science by years or decades.
  • Researchers using embryonic stem cells report they successfully treated blindness in two patients. Regardless if that study holds up, regerenative medicine is coming. I would not want to be on the conservative side waving around a personhood amendment and cheering on bills allowing employers to with hold treatment based on cultish whims, when the first paralyzed kid gets up out of their wheelchair and walks.  
  • On a lighter, geeky note, this new mount is so cool! I don’t want to chase the dragon, I just want to virtually ride it. Gimme Gimme Gimme!
  • Let us now to turn to the science and politics of women’s health, where the GOP is busy self immolating, and add a little gasoline:

    The same people pushing for these mandatory sonogram bills have also been pushing for years for “conscience clauses” …like allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control. So what do you suppose they would say if a doctor refused to perform this government-mandated invasive sonogram as a matter of conscience?

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