Elizabeth Warren calls for marriage equality, pledges to lead on gay rights in the Senate

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Elizabeth Warren on Facebook

Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail in New Bedford, MA (Elizabeth Warren/Facebook)

In an interview with the Washington Blade, Elizabeth Warren promised to provide leadership on LGBT issues in the Senate if elected, noting that a senator from Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage, was in a special position to lead.

Warren endorsed a range of equality measures and ways that they could be pushed forward. President Obama could, for instance, sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to have non-discrimination policies that included LGBT people.

Aside from such specific measures, there’s the question of whether the Democratic Party will embrace the principle of equality in its 2012 platform—a question complicated by the fact that Obama’s position on marriage equality is still “evolving.” Warren told the Blade, “I want to see the president evolve because I believe that is right; marriage equality is morally right,” and that she supports inclusion in the Democratic platform, noting, “It helps raise awareness of the impact of DOMA and it helps build support to repeal it.” The Defense of Marriage Act, of course, directly affects 13,000 legally married Massachusetts couples.

The remarkable thing here is that Elizabeth Warren became known for and remains most focused on economic issues, but embraces the opportunity to be a leader on other issues. She is as plainspoken, forward-thinking, and concerned with justice on gay rights as she is on Wall Street reform.

Elizabeth Warren is right: Marriage equality should be in the 2012 Democratic platform. Sign our petition telling party leaders to support the full inclusion of all families in the life of our nation, including the freedom to marry.

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