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  • Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is The return of Droney:
    Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow - The return of Droney
  • Registering to vote just got easier. With this little widget, you can fill out a registration form, print it off and mail it in … or, if you’re lucky enough to be in a state where you can register online, it will take you directly to your Secretary of State’s website. Do it now! And share it with family and friends. Remember, as Rep. John Lewis said, voting is “the most powerful, nonviolent tool we have to create a more perfect union.”
  • What you missed on Sunday Kos …
  • Unskewer America! (Seriously, don’t let numbers like this make you complacent. Get out and vote (and bring along family, friends, neighbors …)
    Who do you think will win the presidential election? Obama 63% / Romney 31% (ABC/Washington Post Poll, 9/26-29) http://t.co/…
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  • Okay, it’s October … will there be a surprise?

    The term came first into use just after the 1972 presidential election, when the United States was in negotiations to end the domestically-divisive Vietnam War. Twelve days before Election Day, on October 26, 1972, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger appeared at a White House press conference and announced, “We believe that peace is at hand.” Though Nixon was widely considered the favorite for re-election over challenger George McGovern, the news proved beneficial to Nixon as he went on to win every state except Massachusetts in the election.

  • October also means that the Supreme Court is starting a new term:

    Just over three months after a huge decision to uphold most of President Obama’s controversial health reform law, the U.S. Supreme Court convenes for its new term with a major decisions expected on affirmative action and other possible cases involving gay marriage and voting rights. […]

    Other matters that may officially come before the High Court later in this term involve gay marriage and a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act, California’s Prop 8 that constitutionally banned same-sex marriage and a challenge to one part of the Voting Rights Act known as Section 5.

    All of those could make major headlines – but if they are given a full review by the Justices, none of them will be finished by the time voters go to the polls on November 6.

  • Yikes:

    The White House confirmed but sought to downplay a report by a conservative website on Sunday that it had been the victim of a cyberattack, volunteering to POLITICO that no harm had been done. […]

    A White House official speaking on background late Sunday confirmed there was an attempted hack but said that it affected an unclassified network, was “isolated” and that there was no evidence that any data had been stolen.

  • Wha … huh?

    Another day, another Lindsay Lohan drama.

    The “Mean Girls” actress mixed it up with a starstruck congressional staffer in her Manhattan hotel early Sunday — and now both of them are facing charges.

    Cops say Lohan took Christian LaBella’s cellphone so she could delete pictures of her partying — and he got physical with her trying to get it back.

    … LaBella, 25, and Lohan, 26, will both be hit with low-level harassment violations. […]

    It’s unclear if she already knew LaBella, who works for Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois …

  • Oops:

    Wonderful.  Remember a few days ago when we brought you news that a leading Iranian news service had taken seriously an Onion article about fearless leader Ahmadinejad being more popular among rural Americans than President Obama–and then taken it in another way, plagiarizing the story.   Today the Fars agency admitted it had been snookered–but then argued that the claim in the story might still be true!

  • It’s official: President Calvin Coolidge had the coolest presidential pets
  • Monday’s Kagro in the Morning features a double dose of polling roundups with Greg Dworkin & Steve Singiser. Mitt Romney fuels the fire again, saying President Obama “misunderstands” American values. Like stealing pension funds and telling supporters their hometown pride cookies look like crap! Perfect time to read Steven Pearlstein’s “I am a job creator: A manifesto for the entitled.” And don’t forget to sign up with Stitcher to help support Daily Kos Radio!

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