This week in science: Red Rover, Red Rover, nothing new to send over?

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Are changes afoot at NASA? The Orlando Sentinel seems to think so and they have an idea or two why a change in leadership might happen:

Bolden’s fate could be significant for Kennedy Space Center, which is charting a new future — as, among other things, a launch base for commercial spacecraft — in the wake of the space shuttle’s 2011 retirement. Bolden has never fully embraced Obama’s plan to remake NASA through heavy investment in technology, nor the idea of increased reliance on commercial rockets to ferry crew and cargo to the space station. Instead, he has been more closely aligned with the development of a big, new government-built rocket capable of taking astronauts to the moon or Mars, a rocket that Congress — with the administration’s reluctant approval — ordered be built by 2017.

I’m not sure how that fits in with this move by (mostly) House Republicans to secure the director’s job for a decade at a clip. BUT—I know people who do, and we’re scheming to get them on Kagro in the Morning for you.

  • If polling is science I have to ask, how did Romney’s peeps fuck this up so badly?
  • In the CNN video above, Bill Nye the Science Guy weighs in on Marco Rubio’s willful ignorance about the age of the earth and explains why it matters to the U.S. economy. Sadly, Ken Hamm from Answers in Genesis weighs in on Nye, so PZ Myers weighs in on Hamm:

    Yes, exactly. We have accumulated information about the properties of matter that allow us to build smoke detectors, and that same information rules out the possibility that the earth is 6000 years old.

  • This week the AAS released a statement saying speculation that the Mars Curiosity rover has found something significant, like signs of life, is incorrect. Sad face. But remember, Curiosity’s two-year mission has barely started!
  • Being a creature of habit I’ve found it hard to finally give up completely on Morning Joe. But give up I did, thanks to Current TV’s morning line up with the Bill Press and Stephanie Miller shows, both highly recommended. I would love to see a little more science-y stuff on CTV though (Makes/whispers “call me” pantomine).  
  • I don’t know if this video of the Bill O’Reilly fan having a come-to-jesus moment on climate change is legit or not. But the movie she reportedly saw that changed her mind is called Chasing Ice, and I’m gonna see it in Austin soon. Anyone who wants to go with is welcome:

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