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  • Today’s comic is Ways to save the GOP by Matt Bors:
    Comic - Ways to save the GOP
  • Did you know people on Fox “News” just make stuff up? In other news, water is wet.
  • This is one way to look it:

    If you look at the history of this nation, we have always had strong political divides – especially at the time of the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence, then on into and through the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Sometimes it does get ugly in Washington, D.C; most of the time though, we simply forgot about how ugly it was in the past.

    For example, on February 5, 1858 – 155 years ago today – the political scene in the House of Representatives suddenly turned from a parliamentary battle into a real brawl involving multiple members of the Congress.

  • Come for the assassinations, stay for the rides:

    The Pakistani city where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed by US special forces is building an amusement park in the hope of boosting tourism.

    The park has no link to the al-Qaeda leader, who was discovered living in a compound in Abbottabad in 2011.

    Instead, it will boast a zoo, water sports, mini-golf, rock-climbing and a paragliding club, officials in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province said.

  • The pope is on Twitter, and no one cares:

    On the face of it, you did fine. You have been sending out approximately 100 messages in 9 languages, and earned more than 2 million followers altogether. Moreover, you have generated 270,456 responses from your fellow users.

    This impressive amount of comments was also used to perform a “sentiment analysis”, to determine the general attitude of the Twittersphere. About 82% of the feedback received was “neutral”, a meager 10% was positive, and 8% negative. Let me break it down for you, Your Holiness: sentiment-wise, your entrance on Twitter has been saluted by a roaring “meh”[.]

  • Any Little House on the Prairie fans out there? You’ll definitely want to know how Mary Ingalls really went blind.
  • “A clean beaver always finds more wood.”
  • Condolences:

    Essie Mae Washington-Williams, the mixed-race daughter of one-time segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond who kept her parentage secret for more than 70 years, has died. She was 87.

  • On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, it was Guns N’ Meta today. Greg Dworkin joined us as usual, to discuss the curious issue of pediatricians being banned in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere) from “harassing” parents (whatever that may mean) about the presence of guns in the home, and the safety issues associated with them. Then, a Daily Kos meta-fest with special guest GideonAB, wherein we reflected on Greg’s analysis of the Florida law, threw out a few ideas for filibuster reform, and even got into the ins and outs of the moderation of discussions on Daily Kos!

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