This week in science: Cosmic rain

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In the words of Johnny Carson, I did not know that, and I’d like to very much:

One of the less-noticed provisions of the Affordable Care Act is a requirement that pharmaceutical companies report to the Department of Health and Human Services the gifts and other payments they give to doctors and teaching hospitals — and that HHS in turn make that information available to the public. (It’s sometimes referred to as the “Physician Payment Sunshine Act,” after legislation previously introduced in Congress by Senator Chuck Grassley.) Earlier this month, HHS released its final regulations to implement this provision. Beginning August 1, 2013, drug and device companies will need to track their payments to doctors and hospitals, and submit reports to HHS by March 31, 2014 (and report annually thereafter). HHS will make the information available to the public starting in September 2014.

I can think of quite a few professionals, the ones I pay money to for services rendered, for whom I’d like to know if another wholesale or lobbying entity is paying them, too, and how much.

  • The Bad Astronomer is all over that Siberian Impact. Just think, had that meteor happened at the height of the Cold War, civilization could be ending right now.
  • One tiny mutation can make a big difference.
  • It’s the $6 million turtle!
  • SETI astronomers are asking the public to help them name two new moons of Pluto, you can add your vote or idea here. An update on where we stand:

    As of Thursday morning two appear tied for first place – Cerebus and Styx with Persephone coming in a strong second.  However if none of the ones on the current list catch your fancy, then Showalter and his team are open to alternative suggestion.    

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