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  • Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is Keystone Clones:
    Cartoon by Mark Fiore - Keystone Clones
  • Today’s “Ask me anything about Daily Kos” will be hosted by Executive Editor Susan Gardner. Watch for her in the diaries starting at 3:30 ET.
  • What’s coming up on Sunday Kos …
    • 60 years after U.S.-sponsored coup, Iranians remember, by Meteor Blades
    • Only young pups need apply, by DarkSyde
    • Book review: “The Quarry,” by Mark Sumner
    • A conversation with Byron Dorgan on his book Gridlock, by Armando
    • More fighters against the Roberts Five, by Denise Oliver Velez
    • When a Judge Gets It: The Decision in Floyd v. City of New York, by Shanikka
    • The Last Word They Heard Before They Died, by Ian Reifowitz
    • Reverse Mortgages – The Final Blow Killing Middle Class Wealth, by Egberto Willies
  • Get back in the damn closet:

    U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun said on Wednesday that he wants gay, and gay-friendly, athletes attending the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia to comply with Russia’s draconian new anti-gay law that essentially forces gays back in the closet.

    The Russian law is so unfortunately broad that this means the US Olympic Committee expects gay athletes to, among other things, leave their legally-wed husbands and wives at home, lest anyone see their spouses in public and claim it’s “gay propaganda.”

  • But hey, maybe the IOC has a good reason … like this:

    We thought we had heard all the excuses for why gay people should be denied the right to get married, but this is a new one:

    An anti-gay politico in Mexico, Ana María Jiménez Ortiz, has determined that gay people should not get marriage because gay people do not face one another during sex:

    “Marriage should only be considered as those relationships in which the members have sex facing each other, which does not occur between homosexual couples.”

  • The tinfoil industry takes a major hit:

    A newly declassified CIA history from 20 years ago spills the story about Nevada’s Area 51 and its secret mission — which was not to study UFOs, but to test the U-2 and other spy planes.

  • Freaking, fracking Canadians.
  • Mars Curiosity eyes the hurtling moons of BarsoomDS
  • Condolences to family and friends:

    Bert Lance, a banker and ally of former President Jimmy Carter’s who served as his first budget director before departing amid a high-profile probe of his bank’s lending practices, died Thursday evening. He was 82.

    Lance died at home in northwest Georgia, Gordon County Deputy Coroner Heath Derryberry said. He said Lance had struggled recently with unspecified health problems, though authorities were unsure of his cause of death.

  • On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, the top talk of the day: new(-ish) revelations about NSA overreach. That figures into Greg Dworkin’s round-up, along with the hilarious Jennifer Rubin story and Chris Christie’s continued tip-toe toward 2016. Monte Frank of Team 26 joins for an update on news and activities from the coalition of gun responsibility activists. Armando joined in later for discussion of the NSA stories of the day, we look under the hood from several different angles, sharpen his points about the need for stricter scrutiny and particularization by the FISC, and look back at the history of similar revelations over the years.

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