This week in science: thank heaven for little universes

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  • Another vaccination story from real life, involving real victims, told by a real mom:

In November 2013 my son, Finn, was diagnosed at 3 months old with Ewing Sarcoma. … Despite the scary news, he has completed 9 of the 14 rounds of chemotherapy without many problems. After 6 months of relatively easy treatment and ruled “cancer free,” he has overcome more than most grown adults. He has had two surgeries, ten blood transfusions and countless shots but still maintains a happy demeanor. Every part of his treatment came to a screeching halt at the beginning of April, when fever and cough landed him in the hospital. Finn was diagnosed with pertussis (“whooping cough”) and the steady downhill slope of his health happened quickly …

  • Watch typical denial tactics at work: demand scientists “fix” public perceptions on climate change, ironically created by the same talking heads making the demand, then talk over the one scientist on the panel, don’t let him get a full sentence in, with misinformation and cherry picked tidbits of data.
  • Is there anything bombs can’t do?
  • New genetic analysis shows that polar bears split from brown bears less than half a million years ago. That’s some serious evolution in action.
  • If you are doing anything you’re not supposed to on any company network, or if you’re developing an interest in being a virtual stalker, read this short post.
  • This is interesting:

    Can’t remember that childhood blankee you toted everywhere? Blame it on all those new brain cells you were making. The formation of brain cells normally helps us learn information, but it may also come with a downside – forgetting.

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