Gardner says he flip-flopped on personhood after listening to voters … but he still supports it

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Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is going after his GOP opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, in a new ad that documents Gardner’s radically right-wing record on social policy.

Gardner is responding with a web video that claims Udall is teaming up with President Obama to lie about his record because he moderated his position after listening to voters. Specifically, says Gardner:

So, where’s what’s happening. Barack Obama’s ‘smart guys’ from Washington think they can come into Colorado to play politics. They’re attacking me for changing my mind about Personhood after I learned more and listened to more of you.

First, the ad Gardner is responding to comes from Udall, not Obama. Second, it’s about more than just personhood. And finally, Gardner claims he’s changed his mind on personhood, but he is still listed as a cosponsor of the federal personhood bill.

The fact is that Gardner hasn’t really changed his mind on personhood—he’s just come to realize that his position supporting it is unpopular in Colorado. So he’s tried to muddy the waters by claiming to be against a state-level constitutional amendment on personhood while simultaneously supporting it nationally. His position makes no sense—the only explanation for him taking it is that he thinks voters in Colorado are a bunch of simpletons who can be bamboozled with slick lies. Whatever it is, it’s not example of listening: It’s an example of Cory Gardner trying to pull the wool over Colorado’s eyes. And it’s the kind of move that really should backfire.

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